TiE Pune undertakes events and activities based on the pillars of MINE: (M) Mentoring (I) Inspiration (N) Networking (E) Education. TiE Pune has the following programs under each of the above pillars:



  • One-on-one mentoring program: TiE Pune members derive the benefit of having a one-on-one mentoring with one of the TiE Pune Charter Members who are active mentors. Mentoring right from idea validation to scaling up is provided to the mentees.
  • TiE Pune Nurture Program: Nurture is a rigorous process-led program for mentoring start-ups where-in we strive to create positive change in companies by inculcating discipline in all areas of entrepreneurship. A set of ‘mentors’ – seasoned entrepreneurs themselves, undertake the job of guiding start-ups in various aspects of business. Besides helping companies in creating sharply differentiated business strategies, they are also coached in several aspects including team composition and leadership, business ethics, planning processes, competition mapping, networking and fund raising



  • My Story sessions– Entrepreneurship thrives on inspiration! TiE Pune plays an important role of inducing inspiration and motivation into the start-up community in Pune. Twice every month, we have an entrepreneur who comes to share his success story. Though these sessions started with the idea of having a well-known ‘been there-done that’ entrepreneurs, TiE Pune now hosts untold stories where the entrepreneur shares his journey of what went wrong and why his could not survive! The audience get tremendous boost of courage to take that leap of faith after listening to the challenges and learnings through these sessions. We have these session in different formats, like first generation entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, unfolding stories of start-ups having out-of-the box concepts etc.



  • In the entrepreneurs’ world, networking works as magic! TiE Pune gives ample opportunity to all its members to network not just within Pune, but opens the gates to connect all over the globe. TiE Pune community is encouraged and given the opportunity of networking at every event.



An entrepreneur, usually in his initial stages, is not well versed with all the aspects of business, let alone being master of all of them. TiE Pune bridges the gap between the industry experts who are willing to give back the knowledge and experience, and the entrepreneurs who are looking for getting educated about any business vertical. We host the below programs for educating the start-up community on all the business processes.

  • Interactive Breakfast Meeting–We have breakfast meetings on variety of subjects and till now, 1400 people have participated in these to share their knowledge and experience. An interactive session of 2 hours on alternate Thursdays helps the community to gain knowledge and stay updated on the various areas of running a business. The topics range from sales and marketing, funding, team building, social media for growth, legal aspects of business etc.

Full day and Half day workshops Based on similar format of a breakfast session, TiE Pune hosts workshops of different duration, depending on the requirement of the topic. The workshops that have been conducted in the past are on the topics like time management, scaling-up your business, selling to US / European markets, finance for non-finance entrepreneurs, etc.