With focus on building value for entrepreneurs, FutureTech leadership team has dedicated first day to master classes (or deep dives), consist of Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Design Thinking and Data Science. These are three-hour session with class room type teaching – to be able to have attendees drill down into their own challenges and create actions to help them improve their businesses.

Block Chain


Uday Kothari

Blockchain technology has emerged with the potential for large-scale industry disruption, it holds the potential to transform not just every commercial industry—but the traditional foundations of government, academic, and non-profit sectors of our global economy, as well.

In this session, we will look at Basics building blocks of Blockchain such as Distributed Shared Ledger, Cryptography, Consensus, Smart Contracts and different types of Blockchains. We will discuss how various Applications & Industries that can leverage Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) | Machine Learning


Kiran Deshpande


Aniruddha Pant


Preeti Pandhu

The masterclass on Artificial intelligence and machine learning will cover basics of theory of classical machine learning and deep learning. It will talk about different methods for supervised and unsupervised learning and their applications in different industries. This will be followed by small ML services built for insurance and Healthcare industries. Masterclass will end with brainstorming discussions and solution approach to live case studies which will be picked from audience.

Digital Design Thinking


Vikram Pandya

Customer experience and frictionless journey is what determines successful business and better valuations. The traditional design thinking tools are not sufficient when we are looking at digital experience and better RoI from the use of emerging technologies. In this session we will be looking at digital thinking tools and techniques for FinTechs. This case study driven session is designed for mid to senior management people who would like to understand, identify, manage and transform the people, product and processes for digital readiness. Carrying Laptop is recommended.